イラストレーター 大川裕子

Illustrator   Yuko Okawa


Yuko Okawa is a Japanese illustrater and artist. She has published a variety of her works through leather arts, shutter paints, live paints , also in personal exhibitions.

Born in Saitama in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area in Japan in 1984, she was raised in a town with a lot of nature and loved painting pictures of nature and stories.

She was impressed and inspired by works painted by a blind illustrator in her early teens. She was shocked to know that a picture painted by a blind person who had never seen anything could move people so much. By the incident, she became aware of what you can't see but you can sense in arts and expressions.

After graduated from a design school, she worked as a designer for a while but decided to become an artist to express her inner feelings from within in a painting.

Her theme is to express beauty of every life, colors of human feelings through herself in canvas.